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Skrevet av Magne Rødland, 5. des, 2019
Seams like there are increasing interest for my invention world vide, since my home page has passed 36000 visitors.

Skrevet av Magne Rødland, 5. mar, 2019
Ending my daily work in the Norwegian Maritime Directorate on Juni 9th 2019, after 22 years as district manager / assistance director. Finley I can focus more on my hobby. Opening up for cooperation in developing the first ever ballast free ship.

Skrevet av HP Westfal-larsen, 13. des, 2013

Bravo. Innovation at the sharp end of the long overdue evolution of ship design and engineering. I will follow with great interest.

Skrevet av Magne Rødland, 12. des, 2013
I think CEOBAS is the only and ultimate solution to avoid transport of unwanted microorganism in ballast water onboard ships.
By using CEOBAS (Continuous Exchange Of Ballast At Sea) as an standard construction, not only the environment aspect will benefit, but ships in general will actually be much safer to operate.
• Final solution to the transport of unwanted microorganism and other polluted water.
• 2-3 knots better speed and better maneuver possibilities.
• Safer ships and better damage stability.
• Less weather/sea damage during ballast voyage.
• Better control of corrosion in the ballast tanks.

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